Let’s Take a Moment and Talk About Safety


Sometimes we forget that the tools that we’re using are great and powerful machines capable of causing serious damage if not used properly. Maybe we’re in a hurry or feeling a bit lazy, but sometimes we take shortcuts. This weekend our friend cut the tip of his finger off while trying to drill a battery cable hole slightly larger. We’re talking from the first knuckle and up of his ring finger. The doctors reattached it but we still don’t know if he’ll be able to keep it. Only time will tell. He should of been using pliers to hold the cable, but for whatever reason decided against it. He told me it happened so quick, that he barely had time to register what had happened. And, that is how it always happens. Quickly. Injuries are never planned. They happen when you are in a hurry and usually when you know you should be taking extra precautions.

Over here at Chance we try to be extra cautious. We use a push with the table saw so we don’t have to get too close to the blade. We  always double check for random screws that could catch. We always clamp. We wear safety goggles. We wear sunscreen (but that’s a different kind of safety). We always use two hands on the router. We do everything we can to ensure our safety. But, that doesn’t mean we’re without our fair share of injuries.

Jason nearly cut off his junk in an injury very similar to our friend above. He was drilling out backing plates for our stanchions when the bit caught, pulled the plate out of the clamp and brought it clear across his legs and everything in between. It was a scary few minutes, but luckily he was left with a few bruises and a pair of shorts with a very revealing hole in them. He was doing everything right, but sometimes things still can go wrong.

I’ve been pretty lucky with my injuries so far. I have countless bumps, bruises and cuts, but nothing too serious. Most of my injuries are stupid, like stabbing my leg with my sewing scissors or slicing my thumb on a can of tomatoes.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that we will now be taking extra precautions in every project we do (and I hope you do as well!). This accident hasn’t only scared the bajesus out of our friend, its been quite the wake up call at the marina for just how powerful the tools we use really can be.

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