Sail Inspections


Now that our boat finally made its way to us (read with Reunited, and it feels so good playing in the background) we have been working nearly non stop since the minute we laid eyes on her. While Jason’s been at the boat (you know, working on small tasks like rebuilding it), I’ve been busying myself with sail inspections and canvas work.

When we first decided that our DIY mantra would extend to sail repair I immediately ordered The Sailmaker’s Apprentice to read up on exactly what that entailed. Turns out it’s a lot. Terrified or not, fixin’ up our sails is my job and I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all! After reading and rereading the sections on inspecting used sails I pulled out all of our sails for inspection. Each sail took me about an hour and half to really inspect – hell it takes about 20 minutes to just fold up one of those suckers solo! I had to take detailed measurements, walk over each and every stitch of the sail, check for chafing and holes, inspect previous patch jobs, etc., etc., etc!  Add in the amount of extra time it took for continually referencing the book and this turned into a multiple day project.

{Its a good thing these hanks are coming off when the jibs get converted into furling sails!} 

{Dirty sail and leather chafing} 

Chance is currently stocked with seven sails – 2 mains, 3 jibs, 1 storm sail and 1 spinaker. In my not-so-expert opinion, it looks like we’ll be able to use six of them! One of the jibs is just too small which is a shame since its the one in the best condition. All the sails need is a good cleaning, a few patches and reinforcements, converting the jibs so they’ll work with our fancy ProFurl furler and converting our storm sail into a Gale Sail. When I say “all they need,” do not be fooled into thinking this will be a quick fix. But, I’m armed (with my LSZ-1) and ready for the challenge! 

{Folded and ready to be rolled.} 

{I had some visitors stop by during the inspection. These beasts can be mean so I made sure to get as far into the garage as I could until they left. It was hilarious watching how quickly they  flew off when I startled them by closing the garage door} 

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