Sunday Funday Sailboat Racing


Now that we are hanging out at the Yacht Club we do a lot more fun sailing things with our yachtie friends as opposed to just sitting in a dirt filled yard. This past Sunday we gathered a group of four sailboats and decided to have a little Sunday Funday Race. The whole notion of sailboat racing is still kind of silly to me – I mean it is kind of against the whole design of a sailboat – but I was down for a day on the water. Since our rig is still settling we hopped in our friend Skip’s 36′ Catalina Manada II for the event.

Raising the main
Jason at the helm. A little rain won’t stop us!

The race was simple, start between mile markers 11 and 13, head out and take markers 5 and 6 on your port side and head back in. As soon as it hit start time I was hooked. Its a lot more exciting than I anticipated! I felt like I was right in the middle of the movie Wind, of course on a much smaller scale. Everything was so technical. If you tack to early you miss the marker on the port side and have to go back around. If you put your spinaker up in order to try and catch some wind instead of going slow and steady with just your head sail up you may be taken way off course (hypothetically, of course).

Everyone smirked when we said we were racing in a Catalina 36, but we managed to pass this guy quite easily during the first part of the race!
Quicksail with their spinnaker raised and headed back to port before any of the other boats even got near the marker. This boat is insane, it has a hydraulic keel!


Rounding marker 5 on the port side! And then the wind DIED, along with our chance of finishing second.
Spinnaker raised in order to try and catch some wind. Check out that lightening bolt! Its funny that as soon as we raised the spinnaker we went from 2nd place to last.

It was such a great day out on the water. I even managed not to get sea sick this time around! Making sure I drank lots of fluids and ate a good breakfast really made all the difference. Go me! Next race is on Chance!

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    • We have about 10! All depending on the actual weather window once we get going 🙂 I’ve stopped trying to estimate when that will be at this point lol. Following your adventures keep me pushing along!