Sailing Superstitions


florida-sunset-marinaCruisers tend to be a pretty superstitious bunch. These folks have a list a nautical mile long of rules to live by. I, however, am likely the least superstitious person you could encounter while cruising. I’d be happy as a clam to leave on a Friday morning during a very red sunrise holding a stalk of bananas and welcoming the sun with a nice whistled tune. The superstitions I abide by tend to be more for the fun of tradition, as opposed to from an actual belief that these sailing myths will truly determine the outcome of a situation. I’ve been known to “knock on wood” every now and again and happily participated in our renaming ceremony, but it is mostly from the thought of “why chance it?” Sometimes it is easier to just go with the flow, amiright? Particularly when it involves champagne. Never say no to champagne.

Pouring Champagne over our stern during our renaming ceremony. You can see we got dressed up for the occasion.

Jason, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I’ve nearly choked on the salt he threw at me over his shoulder when he accidentally knocked it over. No superstition slips through his fingers. This guy is thorough.

In no particular order he has yelled at me to pick up my feet as I was driving over train tracks (on our way to a pick up a boat item, obviously), kisses his fingers and touches the sky for every burnt out taillight he sees, made me wait an extra 6 days for a weather window when a perfectly good window fell on a Friday, made me drink champagne as we renamed our boat (the horror!), will never let anyone call last run when snowboarding, has woken me up knocking on wood at all hours of the night, has completely given up whistling, and never even hints at saying how good the morning weather is as we start a passage.

The one time he went against his “better judgement” and left with a stalk of bananas he picked up in Eleuthera our boat nearly sank. As soon as he offered up those bananas to the sea gods all was good with Chance again. I have to say, this guy will do anything to prove a point.

While we are a mixed household, most days we get along just fine. How does your crew handle sailing superstitions? LOOK Insurance is hosting a quick little survey to uncover just how sailors treat superstitions aboard. Click on over and share what your biggest sailing superstition is. Don’t forget to tell us below, too! We can’t wait to see which one of us wins this argument is more the norm.


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