Cutting Old Bolts

This nasty old bolt was no match for us!

Sometimes you have to pull in the big wigs to get the job done. After months of wasting hours using PB Blast and our Dremel to remove stripped and rusted screws and bolts, we borrowed our friend Bob’s sawzall to finish the job once and for all. We should have invested in one of these bad boys from the start. The job took maybe 5 minutes and was such a smooth operation I was almost left wanting for a little drama that typically accompanies any task at hand. If you ever consider repainting the deck of a 40-year-old boat and want to remove all deck fittings before you do, get yourself a sawzall and save yourself 6 months.

Jason in extreme concentration so he doesn’t cut into our gas tank or lose a toe. This is what our boat looked like before we installed our fancy new galley and starboard settee.

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