Scraping and Sanding and Priming, Oh My!


With Sandy uh coming we really had to hunker down and get some good work in on Chance on Saturday so my weekend up there wasn’t a total loss. We rose at the crack of dawn and got right to it. I spent a good part of my morning scrapping four layers of paint of the underside of the stern. Earlier in the week Jason injured his back trying to do this and was horizontal for the rest of the day, and in serious pain for a few days after that. So, this left me to complete the task and I was up for the challenge! Because of my short stature this was not nearly as painful of a task for me, but it sure did test my arm strength!

{See, I fit nicely under the stern}

{Dewey and I taking an arm break. The rocks hurt her paws so she climbed right on up. I didn’t mind}

{A completely scraped stern – ready to be sanded super smooth}

After scraping off the layers of old paint we had to sand it down and get it super smooth so we wouldn’t have to do too much fairing later on. This would have been an easy job if the compressor we bought for Jason’s DA sander would work, but since it wasn’t it left us Jason sanding most of the boat by hand. After a quick trip to Home Depot and a replacement compressor in tow, we smoothed out the topside just as the sun was setting.

{Taped and ready to be painted}

This didn’t stop us from giving her a layer of primer. With Sandy’s fast approach we had to get a layer on and give it enough time to dry. We set up the work light and got to, well, work.

{Jason set up some scaffolding to make the job a little easier for us}

{Painting through the night}

{Just before we covered her in tarps for the hurricane. Sure is gloomy out!}

What do you know – she looks kind of pretty now!

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