jig-saw-night{jig sawing through the night}

If you would of asked me 6 months ago what my skills were I’m sure I would of babbled off something along the lines of marketing guru, social media extraodinaire, and an insane ability to drink copious amounts of red wine. While the former still hold true (except the “copious” amount of red wine, full days of manual labor really take it out of you!), I am amazed at how much my skill set has changed in the last few months. I have earned master status at taping off the curves of our nonskids. And, what I can do with a jig saw is sure to make even experienced carpenters blush (OK so that may be a slight exaggeration but I am still impressed with what I can do!). These are the type of skills I felt I always lacked in my previous life, you know, skills of a trade.

Jason and I have literally redesigned and rebuilt nearly everything in the interior. The thing I love about it most is that we’ve done it together, as a team. Jason may be the master carpenter, but he’s an even better teacher. In the last three months he’s taught me how to safely operate a jig saw, chop saw, table saw and a plethora of other potentially dangerous power tools (including about 5 different kinds of sanders).

At the start of this adventure before each “room” of the boat was redesigned we’d sit together and talk out how we’d want to design the space, what the best way to build it would be and then he’d give me instructions on what to do. For the first few weeks I was the resident stringer cutter and she who crawls into small holes to screw in said stringers. And I was fine with that. I was helping get us the heck out of Florida in any way I could. Fast forward a couple of months and you’d barely recognize me! We’re in the midst of building out our last “room” (just waiting for the varnish to dry!) and I am so excited to show it to you when it is done because I have built our office/navigation area nearly all by myself. Jason surely helped and advised, but I have most definitely taken the lead on this project. I couldn’t be more excited with my new found skills.

Now, I think I should go work on getting back up to “copious” amounts of red wine. I really should be embarrassed at how much I’ve neglected this very important skill.

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