Small Victories

After two weeks of work can you even tell what this is?

Rebuilding a boat sucks. Everything takes twice as long, costs twice as much and requires twice as many trips up and down the boat as it should. If it’s raining, you’re trapped inside and can’t work. If the wind is blowing you can’t paint (and the wind is ALWAYS blowing). If it’s hot (again, this is Florida), you get so drained that you never accomplish quite what you wanted to.

But the absolute worst of it – 90% of the projects you complete offer absolutely no visual gratification. You just spent the entire day sanding the deck? Come dusk, your boat looks exactly the same. You spent all day measuring, cutting and lining up that panel? Congrats… only 22 more to go. And when you’re living aboard during construction, and don’t have a bed to escape to, you begin to understand why that could-be-beautiful boat next to yours in the yard has gone half finished for the past 5 years.

But then something happens. You unknowingly install a piece to a puzzle and the image starts to appear. You can actually SEE what it is going to look like. And if you’re lucky, like we were last week, you might even get to feel, use and enjoy sections of your boat again. I don’t want to say exactly what our “small victory” was – I have a mighty fear I’ll jinx it. With enough luck and a few more victories we might even begin to enjoy this boat.

But I might be getting ahead of myself. Time to sand.

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