A Day at the Races

I’m not even zooming in here. This is how close they were to us!

Yesterday Jason and I did something different – we actually went sailing. Before yesterday it had been an embarrassingly long time since (July 4th!) I’d actually been out on the water. We’ve been so busy building this boat we haven’t had a chance to actually go out and remind ourselves why we’re even doing this. Cocoa Beach was hosting it’s 4th Annual Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix which apparently is a big deal around here and our friend Skip from SV Manada II invited us out for the event. Its basically Nascar on the water. And Florida loves Nascar. These boats are INSANE. They look like bullets flying across the water. All the drivers are packed in real tight with harnesses and helmets which sadly made me want to see a boat catch a wave and flip. Which, unfortunately didn’t happen. As we were going in and out of port the boats would zip right by us, a little too close for my liking (and not to mention in a no wake zone). The races take place right along the beach so that the crowds can gather and cheer on their favorite picks. It’s really a cool thing to see but a lot of hoopla for such a quick event.

Five of the contenders speeding towards us. It was a tad scary as they split around us.


My handsome man at the wheel

Since its been so long since I’ve been out on the water I am in desperate need to get my sea legs back. I spent 75% of the trip sea sick and really uncomfortable. I really hope my body aclimates or I’m in for a miserable few months as I only have a months worth of sea sickness patches! Anyone have tips on managing? Do you get used to it after a while?

Beautiful day in Cocoa Beach

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