Restoring a boat that is as old as Jason can be expensive. I mean, it’s really old! These businesses have been key in helping us make our 1982 Vagabond 42 beautiful again and our life aboard even more amazing.


Lowepro makes backpacks and bags for people on the go. Their innovative designs keep my camera secure and accessible wherever our adventures take us. The Photo Sport BP AW II is perfect for a DSLR body and spare lens in the photo compartment, with plenty of extra space to carry around all the dinghy keys, water bottles and snacks a cruiser or adventure traveler may need. The HighLine BP 400 AW may be the most well thought out weekend travel bag. The design (with a laptop sleeve and pocket for dropping last minute watches/wallets/passports) makes getting through the airport a breeze and its big enough for a long weekend. Both bags come with an all weather cover which keeps everything inside dry from unexpected rain storm or wet dinghy ride.


Everyone in the sailing world knows Sailrite. They need no introduction. (What, you don’t know them? Have you been anchored in some remote gorgeous island for the last 45 years?) Sailrite is the destination for all things DIY sail making and canvas work. Their LSZ-1 made it possible for us equip our last boat for, Chance, for comfortable cruising through the ICW and the Bahamas. We’re so happy to partner with them as we get our Vagabond 42 ready for cruising. We already have a sewing project list a mile long, so there will be so many projects for you to follow along with!


After a very sunny trip to Barbados where I forgot to bring a hat and almost spent nearly $100 on my last day there, I started researching hats as soon as I got back. I need to keep my pale skin protected during all of our outdoor adventures and Wallaroo Hat Company makes products that can do just hat. These guys make UPF 50 protection look sexy and fashionable. All of their hats are adjustable so you know you’ll get the perfect fit. The Frankie is great for sails while their packable Victoria Diva is perfect for days lounging on the beach.


We searched high and low for the right folding bicycles to come with on this journey. We wanted something light weight, small and high quality. We were going to be putting these bikes to the test and we needed something that would last. These bikes were going to be living in the worst elements (salt water and unpaved roads) and needed to be built with the best elements. Both of our bikes are aluminum framed, sport 20″ tires and have a snazzy bell so all the locals know when we are coming through. Kelley rides a Crane, which is perfect for her petite frame and she can usually be found toting their purchases on its incredibly useful bike rack. Jason rides a Mantis which is great for riders up to 6’4″. Its built in shock absorber absorbs the rough road impact making a more comfortable ride.


Kyjen makes awesome products for dogs. They make even awesome-r products for dogs that like to be active with their owners. Kyjen’s Outward Hound brand is responsible for the snazzy life jackets that Dewey and Riley wear when we are underway. They also make these awesome travel water and food bowls that pack up really well into our bags when we take them out with us for the day. Be sure to visit their dog blog!


Just because I (Kelley) am as white as they come doesn’t mean that I can’t have my fun in the sun moments. Mott 50 creates stylish clothing with UPF 50 built into the fabrics. Now I can look carefree and cute while giving my pale skin some added protection. While I don’t ever skip the sunscreen, I have protection that lasts long after my SPF wears off. UPF helps block those harmful UV rays that give you wrinkles and skin cancer which is really important when you live on the water. Check out some of my favorite products in this post.