Steak Dinner


We’ve met some pretty thoughtful people during our stay at Cape Marina. Not only do they think of us, but they don’t forget about our dogs either! Riley and Dewey got a special treat yesterday when our friends brought them over two t-bones left over from their dinner out. I can’t remember the last time I had a steak dinner, but whatever, they deserve it. We were waiting to give the bones to the dogs until later in the day where we didn’t have to worry about them dragging it through the dirt and picking up an extra screw or something terrible, but Dewey had other plans. That little B dragged the takeout box off the cabinet, opened up the box, picked her bone and then somehow managed to close the box back up. I don’t know how she does it. The only thing that gave her away was the clanking of the bone on the floating dock that is next to us. It was also the first time Riley has shown any type of territorial aggression. He actually growled at both Jason and I when we tried to remove small bones so he didn’t choke.


 {Earlier in the day I gave each pup a piece of steak I tore off the bone and it took Riley about 15 minutes to eat the one bite. But, devoured his bone in about 5. I don’t get him.}

In other news, we’re making great progress on the boat and getting us out of here! We’ve started to officially move in, which means I started using the shelves to display our books instead of using it for a catch-all of butyl tape, electrical tape and random tools we’re too lazy to put away. If things get crazy, I may finish unpacking our galley box so I have a selection of straw cups to choose from instead of the one I have unpacked. Man, I love those straw cups! In additional other news, I am currently battling and trying to avoid a nice black eye. I smacked it pretty hard yesterday attempting to remove some trim that was glued on for whatever reason. Got me right between the bridge of my nose and where my left eyebrow starts. It wouldn’t be so bad except now I don’t wear makeup much and wouldn’t be able to cover it up. I guess black is always in style, right?

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