Sunday Sail



{Jason really likes to sail wing on wing}

This past Sunday we took Chance out for a little sail to see how well Jason installed all our new gaskets and sealed up the engine. It was predicted to be an incredibly cloudy and threatening to rain the entire time. What we got was incredibly different and extremely welcome. We were blessed with sunny skies that actually left Jason and I sweating.

Before we could go anywhere we had to clean scrape our bottom. It was amazing how much growth we accumulated! We had our own coral reef down there. We’re usually much more diligent about cleaning it but we’ve had a lot of cloudy cold days of late which doesn’t exactly make the best conditions for a dip in the water. Thank goodness we have our thrift store wet suits! After all that fun it was time to pull our anchors. Goodness was that a challenge! The ground here is complete mud so our anchors were completely buried. Even a lot of the chain on one of the anchors was stuck. Our windlass is sadly still sitting in our “to be installed” pile so this had to all be done with pure muscle (And, lets be honest. There is a LOT of that on board ;)). In the end Jason had to dive the boat again to dig both the anchors out while I pulled up any loose chain he managed to uncover. It took us over an hour to dig them both out and get them on deck. With one anchor at 45lbs and the other at 35lbs we’re both still really sore today. That doesn’t even count the weight of the chain. Needless to say I can’t wait for that windlass to be installed!


{My mom driving us through the bridge. Check out that pink wheel cover! How sexy is that?}

After Jason and I were both completely covered in mud we picked up my mom to go for a sail. The winds were pretty calm (5 – 8knots). The first time we took my mom out we probably should not have gone out. It was really rough out in the ocean, the 6 foot seas were incredibly confused and it was not a fun sailing day. We were pretty excited to show her a little calmer experience on the water. We really didn’t go anywhere, just tacked back and forth across the river explaining how it all works to my mom. Jason made her take the helm and she even steered the boat through the bridge. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were so glad to see my mom one last time before we start our journey south (which happens to be tomorrow by the way, no big deal. AHHHH!).


{Dewey and Riley decided to give Jason a kissing attack mid sail}

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  1. That anchor retrievel did not sound like much fun. 🙁 So happy to hear you guys are heading south! We can’t wait to follow along. -Kim, s/v LAHO

    • It most definitely was not! But it was one heck of a motivation to finally install our windlass and bow rollers 😉