The Doggy Diaries: Adjusting to Life on the Water



{Kisses. Thanks dad for letting me live on a boat! I really like it here.}

We’ve pretty much established that life on the water is awesome and about 100x better than life on the hard. The gentle rocking as you fall asleep, the dolphin that come and play next to your boat, watching the sunset over the marina from the cockpit of your boat – it is all MUCH improved from living in a muddy yard FULL of bugs. I don’t think there is a person around that doesn’t know how much happier Jason and I are about our progress and moving out of the yard. What we haven’t been clear about is how our dogs are adjusting to life on the water. We get a lot of questions about their well being and overall change of lifestyle so I wanted to take a moment and let you know how they are doing. The short answer: They LOVE it.


{Mom, I know I am cute but please just let me nap.}


{I like when grandma comes to visit us from California. She brings me bones.}


{Dewey watching me while I do the dishes.}

Instead of napping in the shade under a boat in the yard, they spend their days either napping in the air conditioned boat, or up under the fans with me while I sew. When they do decide to grace us with their presence they absolutely love sitting out on the bow of the boat or in the cockpit and watching everything. Riley is forever on guard making sure not a single fish jumps out of the water that he doesn’t see. Dewey is forever watching every person that walks by our boat and barking at them to say hello. They love chasing the dolphin up and down the seawall, and love chasing the amberjack around our boat as they hunt the mullet. But, you know what they love most? Being with us and having the wind in their face. These dogs are perfect for this boat. And most importantly, for us.


{I’m just laying here, with the wind in my face, eating a delicious rawhide as the sun sets. Life is good.}

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  1. Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful salty dogs?! Actually, Wilbur handles rough seas a lot better than me; he just lies down in the cockpit under Hans’ feet and sleeps while I hold on to my stomach. But the fact that Wilbur uses a potty patch is the greatest thing of all.
    BTW, I thought your mother was you! Take that as a compliment 🙂

    • 🙂 that is actually Jason’s mom. My mom is built like me but actually has brown hair. I get my blonde from my dad’s side. I’m about to,tart training the pups on the potty patch, any tips?