The Waiting Game



{This is how you wait out crazy winds – snuggled up with the pups}

This last week has been full of nothing but waiting. The weather these last few days has been crazy and we’ve been waiting for it to pass. Winds were blowing at 33mph sustained with gusts even higher! They were so high that it popped one of our lower shrouds loose. For you non sailors out there the shrouds hold up the mast. Kind of important that they stay intact. Luckily we were at the dock when it happened, because as our good friend Elan of SV Silver Lining reminded us, it can be very dangerous. He was on a racing boat and the mast snapped in three when a shroud came loose! YIKES. This wind was pretty serious too. I was walking to the dumpster and was getting pushed backwards.

If that wasn’t bad enough we had to wait for new parts for our outboard to come in. Of course the parts we needed weren’t standard in-stock items. We finally got them yesterday and Jason was hard at work all night getting everything installed. Unfortunately a bolt decided to snap on him in the middle of putting the engine together. Fortunately there was enough to grab ahold of to get the broken part out, but he still couldn’t finish the job last night. He did get it to turn over which is a great sign, but once that bolt is in place we’ll see how that baby really works! Fingers crossed we can get it up and running today! We’re still hoping to head out to the anchorage today. We have a lot to get finished, so we’ll see.

Then we did some waiting at the vet’s office. Riley and Dewey were due for their yearly check ups and we had to get the whole international health certificate thing figured out. Turns out not any vet can issue them. They need a certain certification to give them out. And sometimes, even when you say you need an international health certificate, they think you only mean an interstate health certificate. True story. We had made an appointment a few weeks ago and when we got there we found out they couldn’t even issue them. We were quite annoyed. So I went home and started calling just about every vet in the area. Wow do prices differ! I got quotes of $95 per dog all the way down to $25! This is of course in addition to the visit and vaccines. We ended up at Cocoa Veterinary Hospital. The facility was really nice and clean, and all the staff were incredibly friendly. If you have any vet needs and are in the Space Coast area, do check them out. Our friend Richard of Pratt CNC was super nice and drove us all the way out there, waited for us and brought us back. Help us show him some love and visit his new site and keep him in mind for any CNC machine needs.

So we’re just over here wishing and hoping, and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming…. that we’ll someday get to our anchorage.


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