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{This guy swam right by our boat the other morning. He was jumping, splashing and having so much fun chasing the fish around the Yacht Club. It was like my own personal Sea World show.}

Life on Chance has been quite busy lately. We’re on a mad scramble to finish up a few things and move our boat to an anchorage. Making sure your generator and outboard are functioning properly is kind of important when you won’t be living on a dock any more. We wanted to live at an anchorage for a couple weeks before we started heading south to give us a chance to figure out how to live when we don’t have 24 hour access to land any longer. The dogs will have to learn to use their grass mat to go to the bathroom, we’ll have to get comfortable with solar showers in the cockpit and we’ll see if our solar panels and wind generator give us enough energy to run all the systems on our boat. Every time we dinghy to shore we’ll bring a water jerry with us so we can replenish our tanks. Adjustments will have to be made, but it is essential we figure this all out now, before we head off to foreign lands.

We’re going to be anchoring out at Cocoa Village which is this ridiculously cute downtown area. In all my years growing up in Florida and coming to Cocoa Beach I never even knew this part of town existed. It is quaint and adorable. I can’t wait to walk the dogs through the area. I hear they also have a pretty good farmers market where I can finally get us some farm fresh eggs. Jason and I have been making due on powdered eggs which are really only good in baking. We’ve been craving some real eggs. Since we only have a freezer on board we aren’t able to keep your typical refrigerated eggs on board. When you buy farm fresh eggs that have never been refrigerated they can be left out and stay fresh for long periods of time. Anyway, I’m pumped to get my hands on some of those.


{Hopefully one of the last pictures of Chance at the dock. Our fancy ProFurl furler and lots of pink rope!}

In other news we got our furler installed. No more teeny tiny hank on sails for this crew. The furler was one of the first things we bought for our boat so it is nice to see it installed. Thing works like a dream, too. I also replaced all the slides on our main sail so that is a lot easier to raise and lower. We’re starting to look like a real boat over here people. Once we got all that installed we took my mom out for her first sail. While we all survived, it definitely wasn’t a fun sail. Seas were about 4/5 ft and very confused. This meant we were bouncing all over the place. Mom, you have to come back for a nicer sail!

Hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be from the comfort of our new anchorage (and using our fancy wifi booster).

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  1. Oh, and Kelley, I can’t get us refrigerated eggs easily either. But I do still keep the publix eggs (that have been refrigerated) unrefrigerated on the counter for two weeks with out problems. You can tell when they are starting to get old, the yolk breaks and spreads very easily. I haven’t had one go bad yet though.