Thrift Store Finds



{If this whole sailing thing doesn’t work out, maybe he should try modeling!}

If Florida is good for one thing it certainly is their thrift stores. You can rarely snag any real finds in a NYC thrift store because everyone there is too savvy. They know a good item when they stumble across it. Here in Florida, it is a completely different story. The old ladies that sort all the donations don’t know a lick about what things are worth. Sometimes it is to the buyers’ disadvantage (as in the case of the used Wal-Mart flip flops that were priced maybe a quarter less than full price), but many, many times it is to the buyers’ advantage. Case and point to this statement were the scores that Jason and I got during today’s hunt. Being that we are in Florida there are many unused wetsuits that sadly make their way to the donation piles. Each and every store we visited had a selection of wet suits for us to pick from. Jason even managed to find one that fit him perfectly AND was pink. The best part was that it only cost us $20! He was only sad that he never had a chance to wear his pink wet suit with his favorite pink diving tank. I didn’t manage to find a full suit, but I did find a nice long sleeve top for a meager $10. These are sure to come in handy during our upcoming stint in the Bahamas where the winter waters are sure to be a bit chilly. It is somewhat sickening to think that I rented a wetsuit when I competed in the NYC triathlon for nearly 3x the cost of what we paid today.


The main reason we went to the thrift store was see if we could find any toiletry bags. You know those bags you get for free when you buy $30 worth of Clinique products? Well, we’ve finally found the perfect use for them and we have run out of all of the bags we had! Turns out they are excellent for organizing your tools so that you can actually find what you are looking for in your toolbox. All the wrenches are neatly tucked away in a blue and orange flowery bag. Our Dremel and parts are stowed in a bright yellow Hawaiian Tropic bag. We may have the girly-est way of keeping our tools in check, but you know what, we can finally find what we are looking for. We needed a few more bags to organize our screw drivers and other items so we picked up a few toiletry bags, for $.50 here and a $1 there. Lucky for Jason, this batch didn’t include any flowers or girly colors. I also managed to score a camera bag for $3.50 that is the perfect size for my body and three lenses. I’d say we had a pretty successful day.

If any of you cruisers are making your way south make sure to head to a few Florida thrift stores on your way down if you are on the hunt for a wet suit!

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