Tolu & The San Bernardo Islands – Colombia

We absolutely fell in love with Tolu. It’s such a quaint little town where the locals choose their bikes of cars. Even the taxis are bicitaxis! I tell you, I have no idea how one skinny Colombian boy managed to bike J and I (as well as our packs) to and from the bus station without breaking a sweat. Apparently during the high season this little quiet town manages to have quite a hopping night life. I honestly cannot wait to make it my home!

Tolu Colombia Sunset Carribean
{The beach front at Sunset in Tolu}

Tolu Colombia Boats Sunset Beach
{Old boats bask in the setting sun’s glow}

Tolu Colombia Beach Boats
{Old boats line the beach of this small fishing town}

Malécon, Tolu, Colombia, bicitaxis, beach
{I love the “shaded” beach front view that restaurants use – basically a hanging tarp! These bicitaxis pedal up and down the malécon looking to pick up riders. My favorite are the ones outfitted with giant boom boxes.}

Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia
{Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island of all of Colombia. About 1000 people live on this 1200 square meter island.}

San Bernardo Islands, Colombia, tiny islands
{I love these itty bitty islands on our way to Isla Mucura in the San Bernardo Islands. Talk about secluded!}


Isla Mucura, Colombia, San Bernardo Islands
{Beautiful Beach at Isla Mucura with crystal clear water.}


Isla Mucura, Colombia, San Bernardo Islands, Swim
{J enjoying a dip in the clear water. If you look over his right shoulder you can almost make out the snorkeling boats that take you out for 30 min trips from the beach.}


Isla Palma, Colombia, San Bernardo Islands
{Isla Palma in the San Bernardo Islands. I now understand why these islands have such a great rep. Friendly people, beautiful landscape, what more could a girl ask for?}