Totes MaGoats!



Spring has most definitely sprung over in the Bahamas. Flowers are blooming everywhere, lobster season is over (it officially ends March 31) so all the fisherman are back home with their families in Spanish Wells and there are baby goats everywhere! Spanish Wells and Russell Island are different than most islands in the Bahamas in that they do not rely on tourism as their primary source of income. Agriculture plays a big role in keeping these islands thriving. On every corner you see fruit trees and if you are lucky, goats! While there is nothing really remarkable about field after field full of goats, there is something remarkable about baby goats! They are just so stinking cute. Watching them attempt their “drunk walk” and play with the other kids has taken up way too much of my time. There really is only so much to do with your days as we’re still stuck in Spanish Wells awaiting our starter parts. I mean, I could finish our dinghy cover, but watching goats is much more entertaining.

spanish_wells_baby_goat russell_island_goat kidd_russell_island spanish_wells_goat_babies spanish_wells_goats-eating


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