Our Two Favorite Boats



Guys, the search for our perfect boat continues. After studying countless boats online and seeing a few in person, we have narrowed down our list to our top two. Even better, Jason and I managed to escape the endless frigid temperatures of NYC the other weekend and finally stepped foot on our top contenders to make sure they were everything we hoped they’d be. And, I’ll tell you what, they were everything we hoped and more!  So, without further ado, our top two boats are the CSY 44 Walkthru and the Vagabond 42. Each has it’s benefits over the other and what one lacks, the other makes up for. If only they could combine all the good things of each boat and we’d have our absolutely perfect boat!


{Hanging out in the CSY main cabin, looking right at home}

The first boat we really fell in love with was the CSY 44 Walkthru. For our “mandatories”, this ticks off nearly every box. It has a wonderful aft cabin, very usable galley layout, separate shower, aft deck, deep gunnels and cockpit combings, wide catwalks, bright interior, solid build. Seriously. Every  box. The negative part about this boat is that there weren’t a lot of them made. Only about 40 to be exact and to make it worse, owners tend to hold on to these boats so there aren’t a lot of them for sale. We love this boat so much that we even put an offer down on one sight unseen. Sadly, we lost out on it due to some incredibly shady brokering, but we tried not to let that get us down. Ever the one for a challenge, we managed to find another one for sale and were able to see it while we were down in Florida. There honestly wasn’t a lot that we didn’t like about this boat. The only real things were that it didn’t seem to have too much storage for the size of the boat, it’s a bit bathtub like and has a reputation for being a bit slow, the foredeck isn’t very open and because of the big windows the catwalks seem a bit closed off.


{Vagabond 42 picture via sailboatdata.com}

The other boat that we really like is the Vagabond 42. This boat is awesome. It is a tad bit pirate ship-py (Yo, ho, yo, ho a Pirate’s life for me), but very accommodating for a liveaboard lifestyle. The aft cabin is very large, with two walkthrough halls leading to the main cabin. The port walkthrough is the galley, while the starboard is a pilot berth with some serious storage. In the main cabin, you have an oval table that is angled just so to allow more floor space for the pooches. The V-berth, isn’t really much of a V, but a bunk bed set up that I think may use the space more efficiently. The thing that I really like about this boat is its bowsprit and how it really opens up the foredeck. The catwalks are really wide and would allow us to move around deck pretty easily while under sail. Maybe one of my favorite features of this boat is its serious storage capabilities. It is smaller than the CSY, but manages to have so much more storage space! The things that we didn’t like about this boat are the teak decks (that will eventually need to be pulled), that it doesn’t really have a separate shower (it says it does, but it isn’t even 2 feet x 2 feet wide), the cockpit combings are a little low, the engine access isn’t quite as good as the CSY, and I’m not totally sure how I feel about not having a V-berth (does this actually open up more usable space or no? And, where would our couple friends sleep when they stayed aboard? Is it more chivalrous to give your lady the top bunk or bottom?)

A pull out cutting board  adds extra counter space
Behind the cushions are lots of little storage cubbies
Behind the cushions are lots of little storage cubbies

The things we liked better on the CSY are the open layout of the main cabin. It was so bright and airy. It also had a very usable separate shower. The deep cockpit combings would also keep us all tucked in very safe while underway. Another big thing was its lack of teak decks. The things we liked better about the Vagabond is the general deck layout. It was just so much more open! It also has a deeper draft and a reputation of being an excellent sailor – things I hope contribute to keeping my seasickness at bay. The Vagabond had the ability to have 3 closed off sleeping areas – the fore berth, the aft berth and the pilot berth  – which is great for visiting friends and family.

So, with all the negatives of one boat being answered by the other top contender, how on earth are we supposed to choose?


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  1. Awesome to see you were able to check out a CSY and best of luck navigating the boat-buying process- the right one will come along when you least expect it!