Two Days in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Islabel Segunda, one of the two main cities on Vieques
Jason staring off at a sailboat anchored off of Esperanza, the other main city on the island

Jason and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. We only had two days but we were able to see a lot of the tiny island. For those of you unfamiliar with the island it is a small island about 7 miles from mainland Puerto Rico. Many times it is referred to as one of the Spanish Virgin Islands but is technically a part of Puerto Rico. It has a population of about 9,000 and is only 7 miles by 21 miles. Cars drive in mph, highway distances are measured in kilometers and gas is sold by the liter. Many people speak both Spanish and English. The island used to be owned by the Navy who only recently vacated it which has kept the island a lot less advanced than the mainland. Stepping off the ferry (or out of a tiny plane) onto the island is taking a step back in time. Many residents ride horses around town, roosters roam the streets and make sure everyone wakes up promptly at sunrise. So much of the land is unspoiled and extremely breathtaking.

The island is home to the brightest bioluminescent bay (as recorded by the Guiness Book of World Records in 2008) in the world. Unfortunately when we were there it was a full moon which is a less than an ideal time to see the bioluminescence. Tours are about $35pp to take a kayak out and explore the glow but we didn’t want to spend the money in case the full moon (which was ridiculously bright) made us unable to see anything. Some may call our new cruiser friendly money management ways cheap, but we just want to make sure we get the most for our money. Hopefully we’ll be able to come back and you better believe we’ll be checking out this natural wonder!

The island had a bunch of good restaurants, beautiful secluded beaches and a few landmarks/ruins. If you are looking for a Caribbean destination a little bit off the beaten path but still relatively easy to get to head to Vieques!

One of the many secluded beaches on Vieques
Horses roam free all over the island


The pier in Esperanza. Step carefully, very carefully.
Sun rays peaking through the clouds at sunset in Esperanza
The malecon in Esperanza
One of many wrecked boats in Vieques. When all the fisherman move their boats, sailors should too.
A home in Isabel Segunda covered in beautiful vines
This poor boat, well what is left of it, looks like it caught fire.


Full moon light is almost as bright as daylight!


Fajardo as seen from our ferry on the way back to the main island
Fresh bananas anyone? These guys were much smaller  (3 – 4 inches) and sweeter than what you may find in a store in the states
Growing papayas
Platanos, or plantains
The cutest water well in all of Vieques


Why did the chicken cross the road? Not just horses roam the street in Vieques.

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