Vieques, Puerto Rico: Where We Stayed


vieques_lafinca-entranceOver the last year Jason and I have been working hard to get our boat ready for our grand adventure – probably harder than we have ever worked before. When you are your own boss a 40 hour work week quickly becomes an 80+ hour work week. The harder we worked, the more we got done and the faster we would be able to get out of Florida (or so we thought). While we are finally ready to blow this joint we certainly weren’t about to pass up an opportunity for a little R&R in the beautiful Vieques. Instead of staying right on the beach, Jason and I opted to spend our two nights at the tranquil La Finca so we could recharge a bit. La Finca was just what we needed. Miles away from the busy beaches (3 to be exact) we were welcomed to the cutest rustic villa I have ever seen. As an eco conscious location they prefer to line dry linens when possible, use solar for power and even have these awesome outdoor solar showers.


{A take one/leave one book shelf complete with some reprints from our friend Wright from the Port Canaveral Yacht Club!}


{The owners are sailors as well. How awesome is this stepping stone they made?}


{Solar panels powering the joint}


{One of the rooms very similar to the one Jason and I stayed in. How awesome is that loft bed? It is almost a shame we weren’t fighting and one of us had to sleep up there ;)}

The property is a mix of individual rooms and cottages so you can have as social or as private of a stay as you may want. Since the only things Jason and I get to talk to living on a boat are our dogs, we stayed in a room in the main house so we could mingle with others. The main house has six rooms upstairs and a communal kitchen, living room and killer patio downstairs. Given Jason and I are on a strict “cruisers budget,” the communal kitchen was an awesome way for us to save a few bucks and meet a few other travelers. The patio was seriously amazing. The hammocks, swings and other outdoor seating were perfect for reading, stargazing, full moon watching and staring off at St. Croix which was just 47 miles away. Even though we weren’t right on the beach, we were high enough to see the water which was pretty awesome.

vieques_lafinca_patio vieques_lafinca_hammock


{Bananas, papayas and plantains were just a few of the trees blooming while we were there. They also have mangos, avocados, limones, almonds and star fruits!}

The property was full of awesome fruit trees and edible plants. Forgot to pick up rosemary for that dinner you wanted to make? No problem. Just head outside and cut off a sprig. In the mood for a banana? Just grab one off the stock that is hanging on the patio for guests to enjoy. They even have a map of the property that shows all the different kind of trees they have growing – starfruit anyone? To top it all of they have a pretty sweet pool. Complete with places to lounge in and out of the water, a girl could get through some serious chick lit spending her days there. We quickly learned that two days is not nearly enough time to properly unwind. Most guests that were there were staying for at least a week. There always is next time I suppose. If you are looking for a place to unwind, relax and recharge keep La Finca in mind!

vieques_lafinca_flower lafinca_communal_kitchen{I may not be able to get Jason to do the dishes on our boat, but he sure helped out here. How awesome is this communal kitchen!?}

vieques_lafinca_dishes{Part of the awesome communal kitchen in the main house}

vieques_lafinca_cabins{Two of the private houses towards the back of the property} 



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