The Best Sun Protective Hats

A large brim hat is a great way to keep your face protected from the sunIt has been really hot in NYC for the last week. So hot that I almost don’t even mind heading to an air conditioned office every morning. We’ve been trying to sail as much as possible to cool off, but sometimes you just can’t get off the dock. Everywhere I look there is a sunburnt tourist with their nose so red it hurts to look at them. I, on the other hand, am a little more seasoned with sun care precautions and frankly just know better. A good hat is essential for keeping your face protected when you can’t – or just don’t wan’t to – stay inside.

While living in the fashion capital of the world, it isn’t always just about the function. In the world where you can buy everything at your finger tips, I knew there had to be cute sun protection options as well as functional. My hunt for the perfect hat was officially on!

Martinique is a beautiful place to sail
Oh, you know, just sailing through Martinique not worrying about getting sunburned.
Sailing from Martinique to Dominica is hard work
Kindle reading on the trampolines as we head to Dominica – man this sailing thing is hard work! Photo by Sail Me Om.

I first discovered Wallaroo Hat Company while I was browsing in a boutique in Barbados. Not wanting to pay the crazy exchange rate and duty fees, I snapped a picture of the tag so I could look them up when I got back to the States. A lot of UPF hats are really about the function, but this Colorado based company offers really cute styles as well. I ended up picking a few different hats, because, a girl has to have options! I wanted one for going around town and a bigger brimmed option for lounging on the beach.

My Frankie hat keeps me protected as I explore Guadeloupe.
Could I look anymore like a cruiser here? Backpack stuffed with my towel, camera out and Frankie hat on as I explore the town. All I need is a dinghy key hooked to my belt loop and I’d be set.

I ended up with the Frankie (Frankie is no longer available, but the Naples is similar) and the Victoria Diva. Each hat has a drawstring around the inside of the brim so you can make sure it is snug around your head and won’t blow off on a windy beach or while you’re at anchor. To make sure it stays snug during crossings and dinghy rides, I added a chin strap for extra security. The built in drawstring is good, but likely won’t stand up to cruising along at 8 knots. Bonus points that the Victoria is packable, so you can sneak it into your bag for weekend getaways and not even worry about wearing it through the airport. I’ve been wearing my hats for a few months now and absolutely LOVE them. So, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself something nice! You’re non-existent wrinkles will thank you.

A chin strap keeps your hat in place during a dinghy ride.
You can see the string I added to the hat to keep it in place for dinghy rides. Not the cutest, but it worked perfectly.
The Frankie Diva is perfect for a beach day
The Frankie Diva is perfect for a beach day, here in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Wallaroo Hat Company provided Sailing Chance with free products in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.