We Have a Mast!


We hit a huge milestone yesterday – for the first time in over TEN YEARS Chance has her mast up! On Saturday we had a local rigger come out and inspect our rig to make sure everything looked a-o-k. We thought we had everything covered but the mast is a pretty important part to a boat’s safety and we didn’t want to take any chances. Shockingly we passed the inspection and scheduled our mast to be stepped the very next day!

Using the travel lift to pick up our mast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jason so nervous!
Bob, just walking with our mast


Stepping a deck stepped mast is usually a relatively quick process, but of course we had a few hiccups along the way. The biggest one is that we forgot to bolt down the mast step. You see, I was responsible for installing the mast step and it is important to note that I have never done any of this crap before. I screwed down the wood part and 5200′d the metal part down on top of that. I just assumed those holes were for the wires. Boy was I wrong! A quick run to Ace and we were ready to go again.

Skip and Jason trying to center the mast over the boot


Just right!
Skip attaches the port side upper stay

We connected to side upper stays first, then the fore and aft stays. After that was done we tried to attached the lower stays. I say try because apparently all of our lowers are not the same length. I also say we as if I wasn’t watching this all being done from the deck of the boat next to us playing photographer while the boys did the real work. We checked both starboard stays and both port stays to make sure they were all the same length, but what we didn’t check was if both fore stays and both aft stays were the same. Turns out they were not.

Who needs a bosun’s chair when you have a climbing harness?
Group shot!
Coming down. Now give him some rum.

Nothing a quick climb up the mast couldn’t fix! On our old boat Jason was always so jealous that I got to go up the mast because I just wasn’t strong enough to lift him up. But with a few strong men around he wasted no time getting up there! A few minutes later and all stays were attached and tightened and we were enjoying a few celebratory drinks.

Just a couple more days and we’ll be in the water!

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  1. Hi there!

    As someone who just recently had the mast of our new (to us) sailboat put up last month, this post reminded me of how exciting-and nerve wracking-it was to watch! Looking forward to seeing you guys take off for your trip, loving the blog 🙂