A Weekend in Lake Placid, New York

Gangs all here (except dad, who’s getting us road trip snacks)

It didn’t take long for us to head out on a family trip once Zoë was born. Our good friends Katie and Colin were getting married up at Lake Placid, NY and we figured it was a good way to test the waters on how she travels. It was a good test run for us before any air travel.

Lake Placid is about 5 hours away so we decided to break it up by staying at our friend Jack’s beautiful rental in Hunter Mountain. The place was gorgeous – secluded, peaceful and close to the lifts for winter skiing and snowboarding. It gave us a chance to catch up, and break up the drive a bit as we had no idea how Zoë would handle everything.

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Turns out she was a champ. We strapped her in her Doona car seat, and loaded her and the dogs in the back seat. (Side note: the Doona is AWESOME! It’s a stroller and car seat in ONE. It’s perfect for city living and travel. The wheels tuck up under when you’re ready to go. No need for clunky travel systems). Approximately one minute after we turned on the car she was out, miraculously waking when we were 15 minutes away from our destination.

Sunrise in Lake Placid, New York
I guess there are a few benefits of being up every couple of hours with a newborn – catching sunrises like this!

The wedding was at The Lake House which is set across the street from, you guessed it, a lake and right on the edge of town. It’s a beautiful location and bonus points for being dog friendly. They even offer a puppy package which gets you a dog bed, food and water bowls, a placemat and an official Lake House bandana for your pooch. If only us humans get that kind of love.

Lake Placid is a really cute town with a lot of trails and other outdoor activities nearby. More ambitious guests got in a few hikes or some time paddle boarding before the wedding, but us new parents were happy to take a nap as soon as we arrived (Thank you Zoë for cooperating!). The weather was pretty rainy while we were there so sadly we didn’t get to take advantage of the outdoor opportunities much. Instead we headed to the main strip that was lined with restaurants and shops. We just managed to make it to Black Bear for brunch with friends before it started to pour. Thankfully the skies cleared in time for the wedding and we were left with a few sprinkles to navigate.

Not bad for 3 weeks postpartum.

One good thing about being a new mom is you don’t have to worry about waking up hungover after a great wedding. Utterly exhausted? Yes. But, not hungover. With a semi clear head we wanted to take advantage of the finally clear skies and take Zoë on her first hike.

I may have photoshopped the bags out from under our eyes – don’t judge.

We decided on a relatively easy hike – Cobble Hill. This trail would have been extremely easy had it not been for the mud. We were both terrified of slipping while wearing Zoë so were extra cautious with each step. The trail has two different routes, one easier and along the lake, and the other involving a bit of scrambling. Given this was our first time hiking with the baby we chose the easy route. The dogs couldn’t have been happier running along the trail, in and out of the mud and water. I always forget how happy they get each time we take them.

First family photo with us all in it – don’t worry her head was covered after we snapped the picture
Dewey dips her toes in the icy water
The pups at the top of Cobble Hill – Riley happily sporting his Lake House bandana.

We carried Zoë in our Ergo 360 carrier with infant insert for the hike. It keeps her nice and snug against our chest and keeps our hands free in case we need to grab ahold of a tree for balance. We took turns wearing her – Jason on the way up and me on the way down. It can get a little warm, so it may not be the best for really warm days.

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After a nice hike, we packed up for the 5 hour drive home. We did it in a straight shot and to our surprise, Zoë handled it amazingly well. We did make one stop along the way for food and everyone felt much better after. I think all that fresh air knocked everyone out. One thing certainly is clear – this family loves to be outside.

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