Welcome Home, Beautiful


Vagabond_NYC_fogGuys, our boat is finally here! It feels so good to have her in NYC. Jason and I are just smitten and can’t wait to dive into our long project list. This week has been taken up by my day job (the nerve!) so I haven’t been able to really dig into anything yet. But, I did manage to try out our hammock. Swinging in the wind looking at the skyline is a pretty spectacular way to spend an evening. Priorities folks.

The morning she came I was out walking the dogs. It was incredibly foggy so visibility was down, but I still wanted to see if I could make her out. It was so neat when I thought I saw her finally appear in the distance, and then when I knew I saw her. Finally we could make out the two masts! Everything was just so exciting. It was such a good feeling when we could see Jamey and his dad waving at us with giant grins on their face. They made it.

The down side to our viewing point was that it was on the complete other side of the marina. We had to run down the docks so we could greet them at our slip. I guess technically Jamey could have turned down the motor, but I think he enjoyed seeing us all run just a little too much. We didn’t hold it against him, we likely would have sped up for the entertainment that early in the morning.

We really can’t wait to get this girl back in shape. She is going to be so beautiful.

There she is!
Getting closer! We can almost make out Jamey and Jack.



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  1. Hey Kelley it so good to see your pretty lady finally home. You guys have a lot of work to get her the way you like her to be. I will check your blogs.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks George! Yes there is so much to do, we have to keep reminding ourselves were taking our time this go around. Hard to stick to one project at a time 😉