White Powder

Prepped and ready for the sanding
Before the sanding. J covers open port lights and lays down plastic to catch some of the mess

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sanding. Yes, that kind of white powder. Since I’ve been stuck in Brooklyn still slaving away at the 9-to-5, J has been handling all the boat work. While some may think I got lucky, I actually enjoy working on the boat. I like contributing to our future home. I like doing my fair share. So, I’ve been spending my evenings tackling other boat projects (making our new dodger) and living vicariously through J’s photos. With only a few days left before they shut off the water, J has been furiously working this week to prep the boat for refinishing. We tricked invited a few friends up this weekend to see the boat and help out. The plan is to paint, paint and more paint. For some reason they are pretty excited about coming up, but we’ll see how long that lasts after we put them to work!

Sanded Seafarer Saloon
AND…. After. It’s a mess in there! I’m getting¬†asthmatic¬†just looking at this picture!

Saloon covered in fiberglass dust

Sanding in process

Here you can see how serious this sanding business is. We’re not talking a little light sanding. This is serious work. No wonder he’s so exhausted! I’m sure J’s arms will be feeling the pain of this project for a while. I should probably give him a massage or something this weekend. We’ll see.

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