Learning new skills

Framing that I installed for our sink in the galley. This part was super challenging to frame out because the sink butts up against the starboard settee where we have a bunch of storage. We had to make sure everything was strong enough to support heavy food items and all our crap.

In our old lives back in Brooklyn Jason was an incredibly skilled woodworker making the most beautiful furniture. So, building out the interior was always going to be Jason’s job while I did more girly things, like, sewing our sails. However, if we ever want to get the heck out of this place its all hands on deck! The last couple of days have been spent framing out and building our galley and starboard settee. I’m really proud and excited for how well everything is coming together.

I remember before Jason and I were “official”, and perhaps while we still didn’t even like each other, he told me “you never teach your significant other a new sport. It is asking for trouble.” It must be pointed out that this was right after he taught me how to snowboard. While woodworking isn’t a sport, sailing sure as hell is, and I’m so happy he’s taken the time to show me the ropes (pun intended). I’m even more pumped that I’m not just following his direction, but able to offer useful suggestions on what I think we should do for certain tasks.

Molding from the original woodwork that I hand chiseled off so we could reuse it in our new design. The interior was originally made with teak and mahogany so we’re trying to reuse any panels that we can. They’re beautiful and it will save us a bunch of money we can use on fruity umbrella drinks.

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