Where in the World is Chance?


dog_sailboat_sunsetThis is my first post in what seems like forever. I left the site to Jason while he was sailing up to New York and I lost touch with my love of writing. I am not the same person I was when I last wrote. When I last wrote I had a golden glow that only the Caribbean sun and fresh salt air leaves you with. No amount of bronzer or highlighter can imitate a face that fresh. (A face that was always covered in at least an SPF 55, I might add). Now I am embarrassingly ghost white, which seems appropriate as today is Halloween, and seem to have developed a permanent set of bags under my eyes. Oh, New York.

Chance is currently docked in Elizabeth City, NC. We both hate that she is so far from us. We miss sunsets and sundowners. I miss watching the sun rise over coffee – easily my favorite thing about the cruising lifestyle. We miss the gentle rocking and the dolphins buzzing by. Back in July we decided we were going to dock Chance for a bit while Jason came back up here to try to find some work. The weather just wasn’t cooperating and Jason wasn’t having any luck moving north. The idea was he’d pick up some work, tell them he’d start in two weeks and head back down to finish the trip. You know, when the weather decided not to be such a bi*ch.

Like most of our plans, things didn’t work out exactly how we hoped. Jason got a job on a Thursday and started on a Monday. He had a few days to bring the boat as far north as he could, which we were hoping would be at least to Atlantic City. Then a hurricane made its way up the Atlantic. So, Chance will be staying for a while longer down in North Carolina. In a week or two we’ll make our way down to give her some love and try to remember what it was like to live in paradise.

Both Jason and I are back at the 9 to 5. When I manage to sneak in a moment to myself, I’m immediately taken back to the water. What Jason and I are working so hard for is the dream of a lifetime of sailing. The goal is to pay off the effects of a year and a half of not working, save up a healthy security blanket and eventually upgrade to a more permanent boat.

While we’re here I’m finding myself getting sucked into sailing groups on Facebook and getting lost looking through the thousands of pictures I took. Here’s hoping we win the lotto and move on from this land based life stuff at a much faster pace. Although, land based life does let Jason dress up all nice in a bow tie every now and again.



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  1. Now that you’ve gone out and know that you love it it’s all something to look forward to again! Keep the dream alive and stay warm this winter 🙂