Who has it worse? Tales of single handing or back to work.

Jason single-handing Chance

When Jason and I told folks that I got this awesome workcation opportunity back in NYC everyone immediately turned to Jason and said, “How did you get so lucky to stay in the Bahamas while she has to go back to work?” At face value, it seems like Jason got the better end of the deal. I mean, he’s enjoying crystal clear water and sunshine every day for crying out loud!

For an additional two weeks after I hopped on a plane in Eleuthera (making it a total of FIVE LONG WEEKS!), Jason was stuck in Spanish Wells waiting for our parts and trying to get our engine back up and running. Every day I spoke to him I could just sense his frustration. Just when he thought he had everything figured out and running again he noticed a pretty bad oil leak while he was on his way to Rock Sound. The oil pressure dropped so low we are lucky our engine didn’t seize. He noticed it just. in. time. There are so many more issues that I’m not going to bore you with, but add in the fact that despite knowing schedules are never a good idea, Jason is meeting our friends in Georgetown on Friday which is only adding to his stress. The poor guy just cannot catch a break. I can’t wait for our friends to get there so he finally have a Bush Crack and enjoy himself a bit!

As you can see, work has been really hard. Small batch ice cream tasting and hanging out with the Stanley Cup.

Despite the fact that I traded insanely beautiful tropical waters to stare at a computer all day long, I am having a much easier time. I have been reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in a year and a half, going for runs in Central Park, running to the store anytime I need something and taking hot showers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Living on a boat is hard work. Everything takes 10 times longer to do and requires at least 3times as much effort. This being on land business has been a piece of cake.

The hardest part of all this for me isn’t missing out on the beautiful waters of Eleuthera, it is being away from my family. I have spent nearly every minute of the last year and a half with Jason, Dewey and Riley and being away from them has left a huge void in my heart. It’s been pretty hard on them as well as Riley has apparently taken to curling up and sleeping on one of my shirts just to keep me close. I miss the three of them more than they will ever know and I cannot wait to get myself back on Chance where I belong. Just a little longer!


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